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We would be delighted to discuss with you any furniture commissions. We work in partnership with a highly skilled team of ecclesiastical craftmen using the finest quality materials.

Please use the form below to inform us of your specific requirements.

  • Nave Seating

    Nave furniture that works for and with the building and its community.

    Nave Seating
  • Choir Furniture & Lighting

    Choir furniture and lighting designed to complement the context of the building.

    Nave Seating
  • Altar

    Carefully considered altars in a variety of materials and designs.

    Nave Seating
  • Clergy Seating

    Clergy seating designed to transform interiors and use of space.

    Nave Seating
  • Liturgical accessories

    Liturgical furniture and accessories for added function and detail.

    Nave Seating

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Nave Seating

Today churches and cathedrals are more than simply places of worship, they are community buildings often rich in history and architectural significance. Our three considerations when approaching nave furniture are: the design of the building, the space available and the way the clergy and community wish to use that space.

Choir Furniture & Lighting

From traditional to contemporary, choir furniture should complement the architectural and liturgical context of the space it inhabits. Luke Hughes specialise in designing seating, stalls, lighting and stands that fully consider the needs of the choir and its audience.


The altar is both a practical and spiritual piece of furniture that entails careful consideration of its surroundings and the needs of the clergy. From hand-sourced marble to the use of native timber, Luke Hughes work in partnership with clergy and community to realise an altar which reflects the liturgy and complements the setting.

Clergy Seating
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For each space there is a seating solution; chairs suit some whilst pews complement others. Having invented the stacking pew to enable the quick and easy transformation from place of worship to event space, Luke Hughes believe in solutions that speak in tandem with the space without shouting. The stacking pews, as one client remarked, provide ‘a better theology... we are branches of a single vine’.


Luke Hughes work on specialist, often singular, designs to add function to ecclesiastical spaces. From collection boxes and lecterns, the finishing touches should sit in harmony with the space, with consideration taken over the materials used and the details added.