Fair Linen Altar Cloths - Bespoke Altar linens

 Our altar cloths are made from pure Irish Linen and are hemstitched (approximately 2cm deep) and with mitred corners.

All Altar cloths are made to fit the dimensions of the particular Altar.

We require 2 dimensions:

- Length in cm

- Width in cm

Please contact us for quotes.

Optional extras:

Embroidered mensa crosses may be worked on the cloths, either a single central Cross, or five Consecration Crosses

Lace may be sewn on to the edges of the cloth as requested. 3" lace, 6" lace.

Please include the dimensions of the altar, how low you would like the falls to hang, and whether you would like falls on all four sides or just two.

Made in Ireland
Fibre composition Pure Linen