Holy Oil Stocks I, B, C - Watts & Co. (international)
Holy Oil Stocks I, B, C - Watts & Co. (international)
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Holy Oil Stocks I, B, C

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    Since pre-Christian times, oil has been used for anointing those with a special relationship with God. In the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles, we see many references to the sick being anointed with oil. Our simple & dignified oil stocks are a continuation of this tradition. They have a long enough screw thread to avoid leakage, and small and lightweight enough to ensure ease of transportation. We also have larger stocks for reservation. They are traditionally inscribed with one of three letters, to denote the type of oil they contain: B: for the oil of Catechumens (used at Baptism) I: for the oil of the Sick (the Infirm) C: for the oil of Chrism (used at Baptism, Confirmation, Coronation, and Ordination)

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