At Watts, we offer an extensive range of fabrics for choir robes, in terms of material, weave, and colour. We work with three main kinds of material: polyester, polywool, and pure wool. Polyester is our most affordable and low maintenance option as it can be machine washed at a heat of 30 degrees.

Polywool offers the best balance between polyester and pure wool: the durability of polyester but with the comfort of wool.

The pure wool has the most luxurious hand feel and is most comfortable to wear. It is available in many different weights and its breathability makes it ideal for warmer and colder climates alike. It is dry clean only.


There are hundreds of different colours available and, although the most popular are reds, blues, and greens, we have recently made choir wear in colours including yellow, orange, and purple.


We also offer a colour matching service for robes if you wish to order more than 15 for your choir. The process takes a little longer, as samples will need to be made, but enables you to have choir wear which perfectly suits your needs.

We are more than happy to send you fabric samples or discuss any aspect of your choir robe project with you.

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