An altar cloth is a piece of fabric used to cover an altar, and it is believed to have been used in some churches since the fourth century. It can be used either as a sign of respect towards the altar, or more practically to cover and protect the altar surfaces. There are many different kinds of altar cloths – most used during Celebration of the Mass.  

Our altar cloths are made in the finest fair Irish linen. They have hemstitching and mitred corners, and are made to your exact measurements.*

If you can provide us with the total desired length and width for the cloth (including any desired drops) we will calculate a quote.

Although the only detailing on the linen itself is the punch-spoking, many customers wish to add embroidery and/or lace. We have 6” IHS lace available, or can stitch on another kind if you supply it. Our embroidered crosses are often stitched on as a single central cross or, occasionally, as five mensa crosses. The most popular choices are the Watts ‘Bodley’ Cross or the Cross Pattee in red or white.

* Due to the nature of linen, it can be susceptible to a small amount of shrinkage in the first couple of washes. This is rarely more than 8% in the length and 5% in the width.

To enquire about your bespoke altar linen project, please use the contact form below:

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