Our rich archive of exclusive fabric designs spans over 400 years of fabric history Our silks are still woven in a traditional mill, in the heart of the English countryside.

The process is complex and involves a small but highly skilled team working alongside us from start to finish. The founders’ philosophy of producing the highest quality textiles using only the finest materials remains at the centre of our firm today.

Most of our fabrics were designed by our founders and were often based on Renaissance paintings. These remain enormously popular today, with plenty of our vestments featuring ‘Bellini’, ‘Holbein’ and ‘Memlinc’ fabrics, to name but a few. Other fabrics include designs by eminent architects A.W. N. Pugin and Sir Ninian Comper. More recently, our creative team has been working on new designs, which include the ‘Davenport’ and ‘St. John’ ranges.

Our ecclesiastical fabrics have been used for making a wide range of vestments including chasubles, copes, altar frontals and dossal curtains. We are happy to advise on which fabrics would work best for your requirements.

Custom House Colours

In addition to our standard fabrics, we are now able to offer custom dyed fabrics in our range of house colours. These enable one of our fabrics to be woven in a colour of your choice – for example, perhaps you would prefer a lighter blue, or a deeper red. The minimum order for this service is 10 metres (11 yards).

There is an initial consultation, either in person, or via email/phone call, and then we work to weave some samples for you to choose from. Please allow 2-4 weeks for a sample to be made. Once the colour is confirmed, we can begin weaving your custom colour.

Bespoke Colours

Occasionally, a standard/custom colour won’t be quite the right thing. By simply providing us with a swatch or even a few threads of your desired colour, we will be able to colour match it. This process also increases the smoothness of the silk, and gives the fabric an incredibly beautiful sheen.

Our minimum weaving quantity for this service is 125 metres (137 yards) and is suited to larger projects. This process can take longer, dependent on your requirements.

Please get in touch with our design studio to find out more.

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