Bespoke Textiles Service

We are able to incorporate customised elements into our fabric designs. This is a popular choice for customers who want vestments entirely bespoke. Recent designs have included Diocesan emblems and design elements of individual churches. Creating an entirely new design can be quite a time-consuming process, so we recommend having your emblem or motif woven into one of our own exclusive silks. You can then either buy the fabric, or we can use it for making you some of our beautiful vestments.

Reproduction Service

Historical fabrics can be reproduced, either in the colour they remain, or by envisaging the colour they would once have been. This will be done using our custom fabric colour matching service Custom fabric colour matching service

If you are able to send us a picture or small swatch of the historic fabric, we can work on getting the exact design reproduced.

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke fabric design:

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