Watts & Co. is proud to supply Bishops with all the clerical wear, vestments, and metalware they may need. Whether you are preparing for your instalment as Bishop, or simply need some new pieces, our team would be delighted to assist.



All our vestments are made by expert craftspeople using the finest materials. We offer a range of options for your new cope and mitre which you can explore below.

We can also design fully bespoke vestments, which are handmade in our showroom using our exclusive fabrics and trims; just get in contact and we'd be thrilled to begin the design process.


All of our Mitres are custom made to your head measurement.

  • Simple

    A simple mitre is made entirely without ornament - usually made with plain white silk or linen - and can be trimmed with either red or white fringe on the lappets. It is typically used at funerals, Lent, and Good Friday.

  • Gold

    Gold Mitres are worn by Bishops presiding over the celebration of the sacraments. They are typically made with a plain cloth of gold, or white silk with contrasting orphreys.

  • Precious

    Precious Mitres are to be worn for the principal Mass on the most solemn Sundays (excluding Lent) and feast days. They are usually gold and adorned with ornament such as gems and embroidery.

Clerical Wear

We offer a full range of clerical wear for Bishops, including cassocks, cinctures, rochets, and chimeres. These are all made to order according to your measurements, and can be customised with different fabrics and additional features.

Bishops Cassocks

Explore our range of Standard Cassocks, available in two types of Roman Purple fabric. We can also make a fully bespoke cassock for you, inclusive of a tailoring experience - just get in touch to find out more.

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Clerical Wear for Bishops

Browse our full range of rochets, chimeres, and accessories.

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Watts & Co. is proud to offer high-quality custom metalware for Bishops, which is made in the UK. This includes Croziers and Bishops Rings, which our dedicated team will be glad to guide you through designing and ordering.


Custom Rings

Our dedicated design team can help you through the process of designing your own custom ring. We can also engrave your Diocese emblem / crest or coat of arms. Our bishop rings are available in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow gold. All of our rings are handmade in England.




Our Classic Croziers can be supplied in either brass, silver plate, or sterling silver. We can also design fully bespoke croziers to include your emblem. Get in touch to find out more.


Pectoral Crosses

Our pectoral crosses are handcrafted in England and made of sterling silver. Each one can be engraved. We are also able to make pectoral crosses to your specific custom designs.


Get in touch so that our dedicated team can assist with any of your needs.

We fully respect the need for secrecy before you are installed as a Bishop, and our team will do everything we can to give you peace of mind.

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