Wholesale Clericool clergy collars

Our Clericool Clergy collars are available to purchase at wholesale prices. Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 300 clergy collars (across different sizes)

Clericool Clergy Collar


- The highest quality collars in the world

- They are so flexible you could tie a knot with them

- The inside of the clergy collars have holes to make them breathable

- Easily washable

- Soft linen like effect



Our Clericool collars are available in 3 heights: 1", 1 1/4" and 11/2"



Our Clericool clergy collars are available in the following size range: 12" -21"


Minimum order quantity

Our minimum wholesale order quantity is 300 Clericool collars. You can order a mix range of sizes to reach 300 pieces.



We are able to print your logo or emblem on the inside of the Clericool collar. Please note this custom service is only available for orders of 2,000 pieces or more.


Collar buttons / studs

We offer two types of buttons/studs to match our Clericool clergy collars.

Clericool buttons

Tab collar clergy collars

We also offer high quality tab collars for clergy shirts in both 1¼" and 1". Our tab collars are made in a soft white polyethylene with a linen-like texture, Minimum wholesale quantity is 500 pieces.

Tab collar for clergy shirts


We ship our clergy neckband collars worldwide. Please contact us for more details and wholesale pricing