Custom Choir Wear

If you are looking for something particularly special for your choir, or you'd like us to replicate your choir's current outfit, we'd be delighted to assist. Our custom choir wear can be made to your specifications, with a greater range of customisation options compared to our standard choir robes. Explore our previous commissions below, and get in touch to find out more.

Your Perfect Design

With custom choir wear, you have the option to create something truly bespoke, as well as simply customise any of our standard designs to suit you.

Special Touches

Opting for our fully custom choir wear option provides you with greater design options to make your robes unique. Possible features include contrasting pleats, entirely bespoke trims, and hand-embroidered badges of your institution's crest.

Contrasting Colours

As well as a contrasting trim, custom choir robes can be made in two colours for a bolder look.

Design Excellence

If you're unsure of your design, our expert team is on hand to guide you through the process every step of the way - from style, to colour, to unique details.

Choir Cassock Fabric Sample - Watts & Co.

Custom Dye

For orders of 30 robes or more, we offer a special custom dye service to ensure the perfect shade for your choir wear. We can also colour match your existing choir robes for full consistency. (Poly wool and pure wool fabrics only)

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