Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)
Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)
Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)
Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)
Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)
Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool - Watts & Co. (international)

Single Breasted Canon’s Cassock in Pure Wool


Our stock Canon's Cassocks are Single Breasted with scarlet buttons and piping. 

Prices are subject to change according to your choice of fabric.

Please contact us for exact pricing and further details. 


Ordering Process

Step 1. Choose your style 

Single Breasted

Our single-breasted (or Roman) cassocks fasten in the centre and feature one row of buttons. It is the more traditional style of cassock and is marginally more popular. It is typically worn by Catholic and Anglo-Catholic priests and can be made with 33 or 39 buttons, signifying the earthly years of Christ and the 39 Articles respectively. Piping and cuffs may be added for a smart and finished look.

Double Breasted

Our double-breasted (or Sarum) cassocks have an overlapping front panel and fasten at the shoulder and waist. It is a little simpler and certainly has fewer buttons to negotiate. Most clerics tend to keep these cassocks quite plain, but additional details such as cuffs may be added. Academic hood buttons are also a popular addition upon request.

Step 2. Choose your material 

Choosing the style of your cassock is as much a case of personal preference as anything else. However, we have provided some further information on our single and double breasted styles below.

Poly Wool

Poly-wool provides a cheaper and easier care option for your cassock. It can be machine washed with the polyester content enhancing the durability of the cassock, and the wool content enhancing its wearability. Poly-wool is an ideal option for those who don’t plan to wear the cassock on a regular basis or who are perhaps looking for an easy-care spare.

Lightweight Pure Wool

Our lightweight pure wool option is the most popular option for cassock fabric. Made of 100% natural fibres, it is much more breathable than the poly-wool which, with its polyester content, can feel hotter and stickier. Our wool cassocks are also durable and less prone to picking up dust. This is dry-clean only but, as with a suit jacket, there is little need to dry clean your cassock too frequently.

Pure Wool (Barathea)

Our midweight ‘Barathea’ pure wool option is ideal for balancing warmth and breathability. The natural fibre content means you will keep cooler than in the poly-wool but the heavier weight makes this fabric ideal for colder churches or outdoor wear! This fabric is also dry-clean only but as with the lightweight wool, there shouldn’t be a need to dry clean your cassock too frequently.

Step 3. Taking your measurements 

Our stock cassocks are cut to your specific chest size and back length. All other measurements are calculated in proportion to these. Please check our size guide for details. It is best for someone else to take your measurements, if possible. You should also account for the clothes and shoes you plan to wear with your cassock. For the chest measurement, please place the tape measure under the arms and around the fullest part of the chest, ensuring it does not drop lower at the back. Do not pull the tape too tightly and, if you have a bigger waist, account for this in the measurement. For the back length, stand naturally and begin with the tape at the nape of your neck (base of collar) and extend down the back until a point approximately 2-3” above the floor.

This chart details the two main measurements you will need to take.

Step 4. Placing your order

If you are happy with your choice of style and measurements, you can order the cassock online and we shall add it to our workroom schedule. Alternatively, you may contact us by email, phone, or the form below, and we shall be happy to send you a quotation or discuss the order further.

Please note that however you place your order, our standard lead time is 6 weeks. This is liable to change. If you need the item urgently, we can expedite it for a small fee.

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