Vestments at Watts & Co.

Watts & Co. is deeply proud of our 150 year history, and our continuation as a family-run firm. It is in these roots, stretching back to the esteemed Sir George Gilbert Scott, that the heart of our company is found.

Our founders - G. F. Bodley, George Gilbert Scott Jr., and Thomas Garner - created Watts in order to deliver the most beautiful church spaces in their entirety, from the architecture to the furnishings. The Gothic Revival that they led in the late 19th Century was committed to the aesthetics of the Gothic Age, drawn to the pursuit of exquisite and absolute beauty. 

It is this passion for total aesthetic perfection that has driven Watts creatively for 150 years. Supported by a rich history of ecclesiastical design and technical excellence, we firmly continue to create glorious vestments, using only the finest materials. 

Our Vestments

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality vestments - made in London with the finest attention to detail.

At Watts & Co., we offer two types of vestments: stock and bespoke. Stock vestments are made to a set design, so you can simply select your favourite style from our range. 

Alternatively, our bespoke vestment option allows for total creative freedom, with access to our extensive range of exclusive silk fabrics, braids - and can be perfectly crafted to suit your church. Bespoke vestments can also be elevated with embroideries, completed by hand to any desired design.

Our Workroom

What makes our bespoke vestments particularly special is the dedicated time and expertise that goes into every piece. Our craftspeople, supported by decades of experience and design tradition, make every vestment by hand, carefully stitching our silks and exclusive braids. When visiting our Westminster showroom, you can see our seamsters work devotedly on bespoke commissions, providing a level of attention to detail that is only found in the most esteemed workrooms.

Our Fabrics

With a bespoke commission, you have the option of over 200 exclusive designs, including our pure silks that are woven in the UK. 

Many of our patterns were originally designed by our founders, and have been with us for nearly 150 years. For inspiration, Bodley and Garner turned to Medieval and Renaissance-era ecclesiastical art, drawing out patterns used hundreds of years prior by the clergy from across Europe. 

For especially important commissions, we can also design a fully custom silk fabric - perhaps incorporating your church’s crest or symbol, or simply adapting one of our patterns to include a special motif.

Design Service

We are also delighted to offer our esteemed design service for bespoke orders, where our creative team produces digital renderings of your potential set. If you are interested in embroidery, then we can mock-up how this will look, inclusive of different techniques and styles. 

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re in need of some creative suggestions, our team can always provide an exciting design for your vestments.

No matter what you wish to order, our team is on hand to answer any questions or to guide you through our design process. We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service, as well as the finest ecclesiastical vestments and wear. Just get in touch to begin.

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