Bespoke Vestments

Our bespoke vestments are all handmade to your specific requirements. Vestments include chasubles, stoles, dalmatics, tunicles, copes, banners and dossal curtains.

Church Fabrics

Our rich archive of ecclesiastical designs spans over 400 years of fabric history. Our exclusive silks are still woven in a traditional mill in the heart of the English countryside.

Choir Robes

We offer an extensive range of cassocks, capes, gowns and surplices. Choir robe style and colour can be customised. We are partnered with the Royal School of Church Music.

Clergy Wear

We supply a wide range of smart and elegant clergy wear, including cassocks and albs, which may be made to standard sizes or as customised bespoke pieces.

Custom Church Silver

A variety of custom Church silver pieces, including chalices, crosses and croziers, can be made by Watts. We are able to replicate an existing piece. We also offer a full restoration service.

Altar Linens

We supply both small altar linens and custom linen altar cloths. Designs may be kept simple, or made more elaborate, with lace and embroidery available.

Church Furnishings

Stained-Glass Windows

Both church renovations and new stained-glass projects are undertaken. Our stained-glass windows are made using traditional techniques and the highest quality mouth blown glass.

Custom Columbaria

Our columbaria provide a beautiful space for cinerary urns. Each columbarium is beautifully hand-crafted to the highest standard and can be enriched by the use of marble and stained glass.

Mosaic Work

The mosaic artworks come alive through a combination of glass tesserae, smalti, natural stone and marble. These are often used for architectural features or artwork within a church.

Fresco / Paintings

Frescos and paintings made according to traditional techniques directly on the wall or on canvas, may be the best solution to create artistic decorations for your church.

Wrought Iron & Bronze

All types of custom wrought iron & bronze work is undertaken, with each piece traditionally handcrafted in Italy to perfectly fit into your Church.

Stone Work

From the design of Alberto Poli to the finished work, all of Arte Poli’s stone pieces are made from the highest quality Italian materials.

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