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  • Catholic Vestments

    Low Mass Sets

    Our Low Mass Sets include: chasuble, stole, burse, veil, and maniple. Cut by hand in our workroom and expertly stitched together, each set is available in all four main liturgical colours.

    Low Mass Sets 
  • Church Fabrics

    We supply a wide range of Church fabrics available in all Liturgical colours. Our luxurious damask silks are woven in England.

    Church Fabrics 
  • Bespoke Vestments

    Our bespoke vestments are all handmade to your specific requirements. Vestments include chasubles, stoles, dalmatics, tunicles, copes, banners and dossal curtains.

    Custom Vestments 

Hand Embroidered Banners

  • Embroidered Altar Frontal

    Altar Frontals

    Watts & Co are experts in making all manner of hangings for the altar and the sanctuary. Altar frontals are made to order to your specifications and our creative team would be very happy to discuss design, measuring and fitting ideas.

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  • Hand Embroidery

    Watts & Co. has long placed value upon ecclesiastical embroidery. We have provided the finest hand embroidery since 1874. Preservation of such tradition, as well as new design and forward thinking, is of the utmost importance to Watts & Co. today.

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  • Altar Hangings

    We can supply made-to-measure dossal curtains to enhance and embellish the sanctuary. When matched with the altar frontal, the dossal curtain draws the eye and establishes the altar area as the focal point of the church.

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  • Embroidered Full Gothic Chasuble in Green Gothic Silk

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  • Embroidered Phoenix Cope in Stag, Cloth of Gold

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  • Embroidered Minster Cope in Sarum Red Gothic Silk

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  • "As I expected, simply stunning. Thank you again for all your help in the process. I'm glad we stuck with the blue edging. It looks really nice."

    Zac Koons @ St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Austin, TX

  • "I was completely blown away by how beautiful they are, and by the quality of the materials and workmanship.
    Thank you for all your help in crafting these vestments. Even in the midst of a terrible pandemic you have been so professional and considerate."

    Catholic Church in Australia

  • "I have received the order and am amazed by its beauty. A special thank you to all of you at Watts for the work you do on behalf of the Church.
    I am extremely pleased with the quality, craftsmanship and care on the pieces I have received. I look forward to adding more sets in the future."

    Michael Rocha, St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church, CA, USA