• Bespoke Vestments

    Our bespoke vestments are all handmade in our London showroom, using our exclusive fabrics and trimmings. Browse our range of samples which are available to purchase straight away.

    Bespoke Vestments 
  • Stock Vestments

    Cut by hand and carefully stitched in our workroom, these vestments are available in a wide range of set designs and styles. Items may be purchased individually, or as a Low or High Mass set.

    View our Stock Vestments 
  • Hand Embroidery

    Watts & Co. has long placed value upon ecclesiastical embroidery, providing the finest hand embroidery since 1874. Preservation of such tradition, as well as forward thinking, is of the utmost importance to us today.

    View our Embroidery 

Clergy Cassocks

Watts & Co. is proud to offer high-quality cassocks for the clergy - including our Custom Cassock range.

We have a wide variety of excellent fabrics to choose from including a new luxury 120s merino wool.

A great range of cassock customisations are available online or in person.

Discover our Cassocks

Processional Banners

Experts in design and creation of banners for processions, customisable with saints,... 

Altar Linens

Our altar cloths are also made in the finest fair Irish linen... 

Shirts, Collars & Vest Stocks

We sell a wide range of clergy shirts and collars. Our clergy...