Custom Fabrics

We can make a completely custom silk fabric for you. With access to our full range of exclusive patterns and dyes, custom fabrics are the perfect way to make any project unique.

Step 1.

You can choose from our full range of our exclusive fabric patterns as a base to customise.

Even if you don't quite know what you want, you can contact our design team to talk it through.

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Step 2.

Once a design has been finalised, we will create a small physical sample of your fabric for you to approve before putting the rest into production.

If anything needs changing, we can make new samples until it's just right.

Step 3

Once your sample is approved, we will weave your custom fabric at our silk mill in the UK.

The minimum amount we can weave at one time is 50 metres / 55 yards.

We also give you the option to keep your fabric in our storage rooms, where it will be safe and readily avaible for us to use and turn it into Stoles, Copes, Chasubles and more.

  • PNAC silk damask

    Based on our 'Comper Cathedral' pattern, this pure silk damask features the Pontifical North American College crest woven in.

  • Windsor Cloth of Gold

    Created for St George's, Windsor Castle, this custom silk fabric is named 'Windsor, Cloth of Gold'. The fabric includes the Royal Cypher of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

    Royal connection 
  • VTS Bicentennial Silk

    Our exclusive Hilliard silk fabric has been customised to include the Virginia Theological Seminary 200th anniversary logo.

    VTS custom fabric 

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