Bespoke Tassels

Tassels are the perfect adornment for any dalmatic, cope hood, or processional banner. To make them truly special, we offer fully bespoke and handmade tassels, available in any design and any colour to suit your vestments.

Stock Tassels

Transform any bespoke commission with our range of stock tassels. Available in a range of colours to suit your vestments - whether for copes, dalmatics, or church furnishings.

Custom Tassels

Our stock tassels can also be customised to suit your commission. With a great range of styles, materials, and colours to use in your design, our custom tassels provide a great way to personalise your vestments.

Bespoke & Handmade Tassels

For a finer touch, we can design and craft fully unique handmade tassels to adorn your vestments. Using only the highest quality materials, each tassel is made with an absolute attention to detail - each fully colour-matched to our silks.

See below for some examples of previous designs.

To enquire about the addition of tassels to your bespoke vestment commission, simply get in touch so that a colleague may begin the process.

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