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Virginia Theological Seminary Bicentennial Banner

Virginia Theological Seminary Bicentennial Banner

This two-sided banner was fully hand embroidered on a custom silk fabric, to celebrate Virginia Theological Seminary's 200th Anniversary. The central design on the front adapts VTS’s impressive stained glass windows, designed by Brian Clarke, unified into a single symbol of faith. On the back of the banner, birds weave through climbing flowers, reaching towards the graduating classes of future years. 

The embroidery is a mix of silk appliqué, silk shading, and Japanese Gold Thread, creating a beautiful and abundant design on both sides.

The banner uses a custom silk fabric that we wove specially for VTS. We based the design on our 'Hilliard' pattern, incorporating 'VTS 200' amongst the birds of the design.

Please note that this banner is a "one-off" piece.

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