As you prepare for your ordination, Watts & Co. is on hand to guide you through the various pieces of clerical wear and vestments you'll need for this exciting new chapter. This page serves as a quick guide to the things you might need, and our team is available to assist with your questions.

Watts & Co. is always proud to support the next generation of clerics, and we are pleased to offer a 10% ordination discount on essentials! Please place your order with a team member directly via phone or email to access this discount.

The items you'll need can vary depending on your Parish, so we strongly recommend checking with your training incumbent before ordering. Some Parishes may not have a preference, in which case it is entirely up to you which pieces and styles you would like - though it's always worth checking first whether there are any 'essentials' that you'll need.

If you do not yet know who your training incumbent will be, we're still happy to discuss potential options and you can place your order later in the academic year.

The Cassock

Most ordinands will wear a cassock on the day of their ordination, and it will depend on your parish how often you wear it afterwards. It is important to consider how much you will be wearing a cassock when deciding the best option for you. Our team is always happy to guide you through the different options to make sure your cassock is right for you.

All Watts cassocks are made to order according to your measurements.

  • Style

    Choose from a Single Breasted or Double Breasted cassock. Your diocese may prefer a particular style, so be sure to check with your training incumbent.

  • Fabric

    We offer several fabric options for cassocks: Polywool, Lightweight Pure Wool, Medium-weight Pure Wool (Barathea), and 120s Merino Wool.

  • Customisation

    You can also select from a range of optional extras to personalise your cassock. These include fabric-covered buttons, deluxe cupro lining, brush braid, and cuffs.

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Bespoke Cassocks

A bespoke cassock is the best option for regular wear, or even just to ensure an absolutely perfect fit. Our bespoke service is inclusive of a full tailoring experience and gives you a greater range of fabric and customisation options.

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The Surplice

A surplice is worn over the cassock as a part of 'choir dress' - worn for services such as morning prayers and Evensong, and may be used at your ordination.

  • Minister Surplice

    This surplice, with fewer gathers, features rounded sleeves. It is typically worn shorter than the Old English style, sitting approximately 14" - 16” above the hem of your cassock.

  • Old English Surplice

    This style of surplice is the more traditional option. It is fully-gathered with long, pointed sleeves. We recommend that it sits 10 - 12” above the hem of your cassock.


The Tippet

Preaching Scarf - Watts & Co. (international)

The tippet, or Preaching Scarf, is worn over the surplice as a part of choir dress. They are made in a durable grosgrain and are available in two different widths and three different lengths. We recommend that they are of a length so as not to sit much longer than the surplice.

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The Alb

The alb is predominantly worn for Eucharistic ceremonies along with an amice and girdle. We offer four styles of alb, as well as the more modern alternative of a cassock alb.

Our albs are available in polycotton, pure cotton, and linen, with additional options for lace cuffs and hem.

Men's Double Breasted Cassock Alb - Watts & Co. (international)

Cassock Albs

The cassock alb is intended as a combination of a cassock and an alb. We offer it in two styles: Portsmouth (hooded) cassock alb; and Double-Breasted cassock alb. If you require one, as with other items, it is important to check with your training incumbent which style is preferred.


The Stole

Stoles are a liturgical vestment worn for Eucharistic services. The colour of the stole worn corresponds with the liturgical calendar: green for Ordinary Time; purple for Advent and Lent; red for Martyr days and Pentecost; white/gold for feast days and solemnities.

You'll likely need a white or red stole for your ordination; be sure to check the necessary colour of stole for your ordination with your diocese.

Stock Stoles

Our stock stoles are available in a range of styles and designs. We can add a diaconal tie for no extra cost; this could be in our exclusive 'Diamond & Lay' small cord - which we're happy to remove in our workroom whenever you need - or could be a simple tie that you can remove yourself.



You may be interested in commissioning a special, handmade bespoke stole for your ordination. Opting for bespoke means you have access to our full range of liturgical fabrics, and can customise the piece with embroidery and other special touches.

Our Bespoke Stole Guide



We always have a range of bespoke samples which are available to purchase straight away. These stoles have been handmade in our London workroom, using our exclusive fabrics and trims, and are discounted from our usual bespoke pricing.


Clerical Wear

We offer a great range of everyday clerical wear for you to use after your ordination. This includes shirts, vest stocks, dresses, and waistcoats.

Upcoming Trips

Our team makes several trips every year to different colleges, which is a great opportunity for students to view some of our products and chat about their upcoming ordination. Make sure to drop by to say hello; we'll be there to answer any questions you might have as well as take measurements for cassocks.

  • Yale Divinity School - 28th February
  • Virginia Theological Seminary - 4th and 5th of March

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