Clergy Cassocks

Watts & Co. is proud to offer high-quality clergy cassocks for men and women. Our main range of 'Standard Cassocks' are made to your measurements, with a choice of fabrics and customisation options. We can also make a fully bespoke cassock, inclusive of a tailoring experience and extensive design options. 

Please note: expected delivery date for Standard Cassocks is 4-6 weeks after ordering.

Standard Cassocks

Designed with fit and comfort in mind, our clergy cassocks are the perfect option for ordinations, house cassocks, and choir dress. Watts Cassocks are available in Polywool, Light Pure Wool, Medium-weight Pure Wool (Barathea), and 120s Merino Wool, and offer a range of customisations to fit your preference.

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Bespoke Cassocks

Watts & Co. offers a fully bespoke cassock service, giving you greater design options and a full tailoring experience. A Watts Bespoke Cassock is the perfect choice for everyday wear, and creates a garment that is unique to you.


Cassock Repair

We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their cassock at any time to be cleaned, repaired, or altered.

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