Sacred Art

Religious Sculptures

The liturgical designs of Arte Poli are crafted in Italy by skilled designers. The firm’s founder, Albano Poli, continues to personally design and create bronze works through the traditional technique of “lost wax bronze fusion.

Wrought iron is an ancient technique capable of giving a sculptural and original character to any architectural element. In the workshop department of our atelier we manufacture gates, fences, balustrades, columns, and every element required by the project. Starting from the drawing, the master carpenters forge the metal and transform it into the desired shape. Assemblies and finishes are studied in every detail and crafted to become an integral part of the final result.

We design, handcraft and install each art piece directly into your Church.


Frescoes and Church paintings made according to traditional techniques directly on the wall or on canvas, may be the best solution to create artistic decorations that recall the artistic styles of the past or new solutions for contemporary decorations.

We undertake the design, creation & installation in your Church.


All of Arte Poli’s stone pieces are made from the highest quality Italian materials and each piece is custom designed specifically to your requirements.

The stone is carved and shaped by our artistic team who adapt it perfectly to the architecture of the church.

We design, build & install each piece in your place of worship.


The mosaic artworks of Arte Poli come alive through a combination of glass tesseras, smalti, natural stone and marble. These are often used for architectural features or art within the church. The tesseras are hand cut and shaped using a hammer, a technique used in mosaics for thousands of years.

In addition to small stone mosaics, Albano Poli’s large stone and marble creations have become popular for their uniqueness and aesthetic transcendental presence.

We design, handcraft and install each mosaic art piece directly into your Church.

Stained Glass Windows


We work on both Church renovations and new stained glass window projects. Our stained glass fascinates people today as much as it did in the past and we continue to use the traditional techniques and the highest quality mouth-blown glass.

The glass windows are made entirely from Lamberts mouth-blown glass, and coloured with natural oxides, creating unique hues and transparencies. We design, handcraft and install our stained glass windows worldwide.


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