Watts & Co. is proud to supply Deacons with all the clerical wear and vestments, they may need. Whether you are preparing for your ordination, or you're a permanent deacon in need of some new pieces, our team would be delighted to assist. 


We offer a range of dalmatics and stoles that are available to purchase either from our stock ranges or our collection of sample vestments. We can also design fully bespoke vestments, which are handmade in our showroom using our exclusive fabrics and trims; just get in contact and we'd be thrilled to begin the process.

Comper Stole in Sarum Red Holbein Silk Damask - Watts & Co. (international)

Bespoke Vestments

Diaconal Stoles

Our diaconal stoles can be made in any stole style, with full access to all our exclusive silk fabrics and trims. We'll make sure to include a diaconal tie that suits you; we're always happy to remove a tie in-house when you need to, and we can also offer ties that you can remove yourself with ease.

Bespoke Vestments


With any bespoke commission, you have the option for full creative control or you can let our design team propose something exciting for you. This includes beautiful hand embroidery and even custom pennants, brought together perfectly by our expert craftspeople.

Gothic Dalmatic in Purple/Gold 'Davenport', with Black/Gold 'Gothic Trellis' orphreys - Watts & Co.

Bespoke Vestments


We always have a range of bespoke samples available for purchase straight away. This includes dalmatics and stoles, all made with our exclusive fabrics and trims and handmade in our London showroom. Samples are also discounted from our standard bespoke pricing.


Clerical Wear

We offer a full range of clerical wear for Deacons, including cassocks, albs, surplices, and tippets. These are all made to order according to your measurements, and can be customised with different fabrics and additional features.


Explore our range of Standard Cassocks, available in four types of fabric. We can also make a fully bespoke cassock for you, inclusive of a tailoring experience - just get in touch to find out more.

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Clerical Wear for Deacons

Browse our full range of albs, surplices, and accessories.

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