Bespoke Altar Linens

We can make fully custom cloths crafted to perfectly fit your altar. With a custom altar cloth, you have greater design options such as additional lace and more embroidery possibilities.

Just follow the four steps below and get in touch so that a colleague can assist.

1. Measure your altar

We require three measurements to make your altar cloth: length, width, and the desired 'drops' of the linen at either end. We can work in any round number of cm and inches, up to a cloth of 300cm x 650cm (118”-255”).

  • When measuring your altar, ensure that the tape measure is taut, and flat against the surface of your altar (where possible). We recommend that you have someone to assist you with this.

    The total length of your altar cloth is then the altar length plus 2 drops.

2. Choose your material

Our most popular choice for altar cloths is the Fine Irish Linen, which is a bright white and creates an elegant cloth. Our Natural Linen is another popular option, as it is thicker and harder wearing.

3. Select your design

Let us know what design you would like for your altar cloth. Choose from our range of customisation options below, or simply let us know what you have in mind and we'd be happy to look into it for you.

  • Embroidery

    The following designs are the most popular for embroidery and can be embroidered in any colour of thread - although white and red are most popular. Each measures 2” x 2” on our custom altar cloths. Typically, we embroider the cross in the centre of the cloth, but some churches prefer 5 embroidered mensa crosses. Our embroidery is not restricted to these set designs; recent projects have included the embroidery of the St Alban’s cross, IHS, and the Auspice Maria.

  • Lace

    As a final touch, trim your altar cloth with one of our beautiful lace options. Traditionally, lace is added to the front of the cloth along the mensa, but your church may prefer an alternate style - just let us know.

  • Watts Nottingham Lace

    Our most popular lace for trimming albs and altar cloths, made in high quality Egyptian cotton.

  • Watts Durham Lace

    Our Durham lace trimmings use the highest quality Egyptian cotton. The preparation, weaving and finishing processes rely on a highly skilled tradition of lace-making handed down for several generations.

  • Watts Leavers Lace

    Our Leavers lace is the result of unique expertise and highly skilled, traditional manufacturing processes, followed by several stages of hand finishing. Our Leavers laces are manufactured on historic lace looms

  • Cantu Lace

    Watts & Co. are pleased to offer the highest form of traditional Italian lace making. Each piece is made by hand and is therefore unique and made to order only. Please enquire for further details.

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