Our columbarium provide a beautiful space for urns, and their use has grown as cremation becomes a more popular choice. Placed within churches and other religious spaces, and enriched by the use of marble and stained glass, these columbaria provide relatives and visitors with a place of peace, beauty and tranquility, a place to pray, honour and reflect on the life of their loved ones.

There are three sizes available: 24 space, 48 space, and 72 space. Each space is large enough to house four cinerary urns, ideal for a ‘family vault’. The internal structure is made of stainless steel for strength and ease of maintenance, and each exterior design may be customised entirely to your specifications to suit a range of locations.

We undertake the design, build & installation.

  • Hand-crafted

    In keeping with the quality for which we are known, each piece is beautifully hand-crafted to the highest standard, and we always respect the sacred and special nature of the columbaria.

  • Columbarium Design

    Each columbarium is custom and can therefore be adapted for any space. Placement in chapels and crypts are the most frequent choices. The design and construction process is simple, as we look after every aspect of the project, from custom design, to dealing with any necessary planning steps, and, of course, installing and fitting the columbaria.