Nottingham Lace

Our ‘IHS ‘ Nottingham lace trimmings use the highest quality Egyptian cotton. The preparation, weaving and finishing processes rely on a highly skilled tradition of lace-making handed down for several generations. The Nottingham lace option is available for our cotton, polycotton or linen albs and surplices, and also for our selection of altar linens and altar cloths.

Leavers Lace

Our Leavers lace is the result of unique expertise and highly skilled, traditional manufacturing processes, followed by several stages of hand finishing. Our Leavers laces are manufactured on historic lace looms, and come closest to resembling handmade lace. We offer Leavers lace in the Catholic-style rochet, and a ‘re-embroidered’ Leavers lace as an option on our traditional drawstring alb. The mantillas offer both types of lace.

French Re-embroidered Lace

Our re-embroidered Leavers lace has undergone further embellishment: the floral motifs in the lace have been traced in embroidery, enhancing the beauty of the design and lending the lace more weight and structure. This lace suits our linen option particularly well.

Cantù Lace

Watts & Co. are pleased to offer the highest form of traditional Italian lace making. Dating back to at least the 15th century, this graceful handmade bobbin lace is distinctive with its winding vines flowing through each piece of lace, incorporating leaves, floral motifs and tendrils. Inserts or ‘cartouches’ made of needle lace can also be incorporated. Cantù lace is therefore either chosen in its own right for its particular beauty and artisanship, or it is used as a graceful frame for the ‘cartouche’. Cantù lace is offered as an option on our traditional drawstring linen albs, surplices or rochets. Each piece is made by hand and is therefore unique and made to order only. Please enquire for further details.