Choir Robes

If you are looking to outfit your choir, our choir robes and cassocks are the perfect choice. We offer hundreds of fabrics in a great range of colours and composition. We also offer many styles which can be customised to suit your choir, so we've created this handy guide to take you through the different steps towards your perfect choir robes.

Watts and Co. is proud to be an official partner of the Royal School of Church Music, offering it's members 7.5% discount on any of our choir robes. Please contact us with proof of your membership so we can apply the discount for you.

Select your Choir Cassock Style

Select your Fabric


Our polycotton fabric is available in a single shade of red. It is a perfect option for warm climates as it is both breathable and lightweight. It is also our most affordable fabric. This specific fabric is usually always in stock so can be made into choir robes quickly.


Our polyester fabrics are our most popular and affordable choice. They are particularly easy to care for as they are machine washable. We offer a wide range of bright colours to perfectly outfit your choir and really stand out.

Custom colours not available.

Poly Wool

Our poly wool fabrics are the perfect blend of durability and comfort. As with the polyester, they are machine washable (at a cold temperature). However, their pure wool content enhances breathability, with the natural fibres giving the fabric a much nicer feel.

Custom colours available when ordering 30 choir cassocks or more.

Pure Wool

Our pure wool fabrics are comfortable, breathable, and will last for many years. These are ideal for warmer and cooler climates alike. These are a perfect investment for choirs who want to look smart and keep comfortable. Dry clean only.

Custom colours available when ordering 30 choir cassocks or more.

Finalise your Cassock Design

For a small extra cost, we offer a range of customisation options for you to select from - including collar styles and extra features.

  • Rounded (Default)

  • Curved

  • Meeting

  • All-Right Round

  • Square

Additional Options

Cuffs - Available in a small or large style. The addition of cuffs creates a more traditional look. This extra layer of fabric is also easy to replace if repairs are needed in the future.

Matching Cloth Belt - Can be fastened by stitch or with buttons.

Fabric-Covered Buttons - For an even smarter look, we can cover the buttons with fabric to match the cassock.

Black Brush Braid - Adding brush braid to the hem of the cassock improves the durability of the cassock by protecting the hem from the floor. It can also be easily replaced when required, ensuring that your cassock can serve you for years to come.

Trim - Opting for a trim in a contrasting colour around the cassock creates a bold and elegant finish.

Measuring your Choir

The next stage is to measure your choir. We've created a guide as a part of our ordering form, as we appreciate this can be quite a daunting task.

When you're ready with your chosen cassock design and you've measured your choir, just send your completed 'Order Form' to us at and we'll prepare a quote.

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