Ordination Offer Terms & Conditions

As a slight help this year, we are pleased to offer a refund of up to 30% on your train tickets, up to a total of £25, when you visit our showroom and make a purchase of over £100. Please see below for the full terms and conditions.

1. We will offer 30% off your train tickets to London to visit our showroom, up to a maximum total of £25. For example, if your train tickets were £50, you will receive a refund of £15. If your tickets were £150, you will receive £25.

2. This offer only applies to those who visit our London showroom on the dates between outward travel and return as specified on the ticket.

3. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

a) Proof must be provided that you are training for ordination in the UK and are not yet ordained deacon;

b) You must spend £100 or more in our showroom on dates which correspond with those on your ticket, to claim the money. c) Money will only be refunded once full payment for your items has been made. This will typically therefore be a deduction from your total order rather than paid directly to you. Should you return your items, we shall only refund the amount paid.

d) This offer runs from 1st December 2020 until 5pm on 28th May 2021. Watts & Co. may extend or reduce this period at their discretion. 

e) This offer will not apply to first-class travel or TfL tube/bus travel within London.

f) This offer may only be used once.

4. All receipts must be emailed to ordinands@wattsandco.com with your name, theological college, and order number in the subject of the email.

5. It is your responsibility to check our opening hours as these are subject to change during the Covid-19 pandemic.