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Child's Double Breasted Choir Cassock

Child's Double Breasted Choir Cassock

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Our Child's Choir Cassocks have one centre-back pleat, one pocket and one slit. You have the choice of a Single or Double-Breasted choir cassock style.

They can be made in a wide range of Polyester, Poly Wool, or Pure Wool shades of your choice. They are half-lined in Pure Cotton, for optimum breathability and comfort. 

Choir Cassocks can also be made without a lining, which is often more desirable for hotter climates. 

The following features can be added for a small additional cost: 

- Alternative Collar Style

- Fabric covered buttons

- Cloth belt to match

- Cuffs (small or large)

- Contrasting Trim

If you would like to order fabric samples, please do so here.

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Watts and Co. are very pleased to maintain a continued partnership with The Royal School of Church Music, offering its members 8% discount on any of our choir wear. Please contact us with proof of your membership so we can apply the discount for you.

Step 1 - Fabric

Select from our 4 materials to serve as the base of your choir cassock. Find out more about each type below to discover the best fit for your choir.

With over a hundred shades to select from, choosing your cassock colour may seem daunting - but our team is ready to help you find that perfect shade. We've picked a few of our favourites below.

  • Poly Cotton

    Our most affordable choice. It is a perfect option for warm climates as it is both breathable and lightweight. Available in a single shade of red or blue.

  • Polyester

    Our polyester fabrics are our most popular and affordable choice. They are particularly easy to care for as they are machine washable. We offer a wide range of bright colours to perfectly outfit your choir and really stand out.

  • Poly Wool

    Our poly wool fabrics are the perfect blend of durability and comfort. As with the polyester, they are machine washable (at a cold temperature). However, their pure wool content enhances breathability, with the natural fibres giving the fabric a much nicer feel.

  • Pure Wool

    Our pure wool fabrics are comfortable, breathable, and will last for many years. These are ideal for warmer and cooler climates alike; they are slightly heavier than our polyester and poly wool fabrics, but far more breathable. Dry clean only.

Step 2 - Customisation

With your fabric and colour chosen, explore ways to personalise your choir cassocks with our range of special touches below.

Step 3 - Get in Touch

Even if you're not fully set on your choir cassock design, get in touch with our team for any questions or design advice.