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Archive Altar Frontal by G. F. Bodley

Archive Altar Frontal by G. F. Bodley

A frontal for St Marys Church, Eccleston. Original frontal designed by G. F. Bodley for his church. Frontal totally restored & embroidery remounted onto Cream Gothic Silk. 

G. F. Bodley was one of the founders of Watts & Co.

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Ordering Process

Watts & Co has a proud tradition of making a wide variety of altar frontals, which are made to order to your specifications. Please scroll down to learn more about how to commission an altar frontal for your church, chapel or cathedral.

Step 1. Measure your altar

Please refer to the diagram to measure the altar, providing depth/mensa, length, and height. We usually use inches as our main unit of measurement, but cm is also fine to use. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your measurements.

Step 2. Choose your style

We have a proud tradition of creating stunning altar frontals in a wide range of styles, with or without superfrontals, from Roman style to a Laudian style altar pall. With our extensive experience we are happy to advise on styles and designs to meet your needs.

Step 3. Choose your fabric and braid combination 

We have an extensive range of exclusive brocades, damasks, tapestries, and trimmings for you to select from. The addition of embroidery as a central motif can also be used to stunning effect. The colours of the frontal can be chosen to follow the liturgical seasons and to suit the surroundings, thereby enhancing the altar as the focal point of your church. We are happy to advise on the choice of fabrics based on the ambient lighting, structure of the sanctuary, and size of the altar. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

  • In this example, Cheryl (one of our talented seamstresses) is handcrafting an altar frontal using Comper Purple 'Bellini' silk damask for the main fabric, with Blue & Black 'Gothic' silk damask as the contrast fabric for the orphreys.

  • The orphreys are highlighted by our exclusive Black/Gold ½” Diamond & Lay braid.

  • For the finishing touch, we trim the superfrontal and frontal with the matching Black/Gold 2" Diamond & Lay braid fringe.

Step 4. Contact us to receive a quote

Once you have completed the steps above (or even if you haven't), please use the contact form at the top of the page to in touch and start the process of obtaining a new altar frontal for your church.

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