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Chapel Pall Chi Rho

Chapel Pall Chi Rho

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Altar Linens



Chapel Small Altar Linens - made from 100% pure Irish Linen, with plain hem and decorative embroidered red cross:

Lavabo Towels 9" x 17" (23cm x 44cm)


Palls 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm)


Corporals 20.5" x 20.5" (52cm x 52cm)


Purificators 10" x 13" (25cm x 34cm)


Price quoted is per unit.

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  • Laundering

    Most powders and detergents are fine to use on linen. However, please avoid using detergents which contain Optical Brightening Agents (O.B.A), as they will detract from the appearance of the subtle white linen damask pattern. You should also avoid using bleach as a cleansing agent. Although linen is a strong fabric which can be washed at high temperatures, we do not recommend washing above 40°.

  • Drying

    Although it can be spun, linen should never be tumble dried; always line dry. 

  • Ironing

    Linen is notoriously tricky to iron! We would always recommend ironing the fabric when damp, first on the wrong side to eliminate creases and then on the right side to enhance the fabric's natural sheen. A good steam iron will work best.

  • Storage

    Linen altar cloths store best when rolled, rather than folded. Avoid cupboards with heating pipes running through them or cedar linen chests, as these will discolour linen.