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Embroidered Gothic Dalmatic in Green 'Gothic' with Cornaline Velvet Orphreys

Embroidered Gothic Dalmatic in Green 'Gothic' with Cornaline Velvet Orphreys

Gothic Shape in Watts Green 'Gothic' silk damask, with traditional arrangement of contrasting orphreys in Cornaline 'silk velvet' and trimmed with ½" Old Gold 'Diamond & Lay' braid and Gold metallic pennants, lined with Sarum Red cotton sateen. The Gold bullion embroidery featured on the cross orphreys of this Dalmatic was especially designed for the customer, and is not included in the above price. Should you wish to replicate this design, please contact us directly for an estimate.

Watts & Co. would also be delighted to discuss any other similar embroidery designs. This item can also be made in other fabrics - please see the selection of fabrics in the Textiles & Trimmings section of this website. (The price will depend on the fabric used for the main body of the Dalmatic.) Like all our made-to-order Dalmatics this vestment is hand-made in our workrooms in Westminster, London by our team of expert seamstresses.

Our Dalmatics are all fully lined with cotton sateen. The standard length of our Gothic shape Dalmatic is 43", this can be varied if necessary (usually at no additional charge). Please supply the full height (crown of head to the floor) and chest measurement of the wearer with your order if you would like us to make the Dalmatic to your required size rather than to the standard size.

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Ordering Process

Ordering a bespoke vestment can be quite a daunting task, but we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Please follow the steps below as to guide towards ordering a bespoke vestment.

Step 1. Choose your Dalmatic style

  • Romanesque Shape

  • Classic Shape

  • Gothic Shape

Step 2. Choose your fabric and braid combinations

The next step is to choose your fabrics and braids. We are pleased to offer over 200 exclusive fabrics, as well as a wide range of braids. Our experienced design team is on hand to guide you through the possible combinations, and to help with decision making if needed. Below is an example of the elements you can choose.

  • In this example, we used our exclusive Bellini Silk Damask in white as the main fabric and paired the orphrey with the same fabric but in a contrasting blue.  

  • To match the two fabrics, we used our exclusive Royal Blue Trail braid to border the orphrey.

  • The complete vestment is finished with our blue gilt cord around the neckline to unify the vestment.

Please contact us to receive a quote: