Gothic Chasuble & Stole in Black 'Gothic' silk - Watts & Co. (international)
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Gothic Chasuble & Stole in Black 'Gothic' silk

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    This beautiful piece is a hand-crafted Gothic style Chasuble in Watts exclusive Black 'Gothic' Silk Damask, with ‘Y’ orphreys of our Jet 'Crevelli' Brocade.

    The chasuble is edged with Black/Gold Diamond & Lay braid, and the neckline is trimmed with Black/Gold Diamond & Lay small cord.

    This chasuble and stole set may be used for sombre occasions of mourning, and in part serves as a reminder of the importance of prayer.

    Please note that this sample is a 'one-off' sale piece. Once sold, it can be made as a bespoke piece with a lead time of approximately 6-8 weeks, but this would be as a full-price item.

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