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Pulpit Fall in Bellini Green

Pulpit Fall in Bellini Green

Pulpit Fall in Bellini Green ‘Comper Cathedral’ silk damask, trimmed with Old Gold 2” Diamond & Lay fringe. Fully lined in natural linen, with a linen covered board for the desk.

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Ordering Process

Watts & Co.’s pulpit and lectern falls are all made to measure in your choice of colours, fabrics and trimmings. We can accommodate all widths and lengths. Bespoke embroidery and wording, either by hand or machine is also available.

Please see guidance on the ordering process below.

Step 1. Choose your fabric and trimmings

We have an extensive range of exclusive fabrics and trimmings for you to choose from and we can accommodate all decorative schemes. Options include all-season fabrics, specific liturgical colours, as well as the addition of bespoke hand or machine embroidery. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Here we have our Cream Holbein silk damask, with Stag Cloth of Gold, paired with the Coronation Red 1/2" Diamond & Lay braid, with Coronation Red 2" fringe. The central motif is a machine embroidered Chi-Rho emblem.

Step 2. Measure your Pulpit / Lectern Fall

Please refer to the diagram to measure your pulpit or lectern, providing width, depth of board, and drop. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your measurements.

Step 3. Enquire to receive a quote

Once we have received your pulpit/lectern fall measurements, along with your selection of fabrics, trimmings and any embroidery or lettering, we will be in touch with you to provide a quote.

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