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Newman Tunicle

Newman Tunicle

It has, for a long time, been very difficult to acquire truly Latin shaped vestments: the shape used in Rome for well over 200 years and maintained by tradition in places such as the English Oratories and Westminster Cathedral. Places where 'Romanitas' has, for so long, been an important part of their charism. 

The shape of these ‘Newman’ vestments particularly draws its influence from St John Henry Newman’s vestments which are kept in his private chapel in the Birmingham Oratory. We have attempted to keep the design as close to historical examples as possible, including the width of stoles, position of crosses, and other little touches. All of these contribute to achieving a complete and perfect Latin cut.

Also available as a Dalmatic or High Mass set.

  Length Width
Tunicle 38.5" / 98cm 45" / 114cm
Stole 44" / 112cm 4.25" / 11cm

Including Diaconal Stole
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