Collection: Choir Gowns

We offer open-fronted and traditional styles, and any gown may be crafted as a custom piece should you have your own design in mind. This option is particularly popular with schools and chapel choirs. Hundreds of colours are available in a range of materials, and we can match fabrics according to your needs. An 8% discount is available on all choir wear for members of the Royal School of Church Music. Please contact us to request fabric samples.

Choose your Fabric

Select from our wide range of fabrics and colour options. Below is a small selection of the colours we offer - but there are hundreds more to choose from.

Watts and Co. are very pleased to maintain a continued partnership with The Royal School of Church Music, offering its members 8% discount on any of our choir wear. We hope to extend our relationship with them for many more years to come and we aim to provide their members with the highest quality choir garments for all their needs. Please contact us with proof of your membership so we can apply the discount for you.