Cloth of Silver - Watts & Co. (international)
Cloth of Silver - Watts & Co. (international)

Cloth of Silver


These two metallic fabrics have weight and drape well so may be used for traditional Roman or Spanish vestments as well as being excellent for appliqué work.


Made in England
Fibre composition 81% Cotton, 19% Metallic Yarn
Fabric width  48”/122cm
Pattern repeat (approx)  N/A

Price is per metre

Cloth of Silver - Watts & Co. (international)
Cloth of Silver - Watts & Co. (international)
Watts & Co. (international)

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Watts & Co. (international)

Woven in England

Made in England All of our exclusive silks are specially dyed and woven for us in a traditional mill in the heart of the English countryside. We are proud to support this local expertise handed down from generations.

Worldwide Demand

Thanks to their distinctiveness and quality, our exclusive silks have been chosen for projects all over the world, on almost every continent.

Custom Fabrics

In addition to our standard fabrics, we are able to offer custom-dyed fabrics in our range of house colours, or even offer a colour match service for larger projects. With our exclusive silks, we can also incorporate customised elements into the damask, be it a diocesan emblem, a coat of arms, or any other design element.

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