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Continental Chasuble in Blue 'Bellini' with Sapphire 'Crevelli' Orphreys


Continental Chasuble in Blue 'Bellini' with Sapphire 'Crevelli' Orphreys

This Continental chasuble is made in our exclusive Blue 'Bellini' silk damask, with contrasting pillar and cross orphreys of Sapphire 'Crevelli'. It is trimmed with our Old Gold 'Diamond & Lay' braid, and is lined in a gold cotton sateen. This chasuble comes with a matching French-style stole, featuring 3 gold appliqué crosses couched down in Japanese Gold Thread.

The chasuble was made with one of our archival patterns, blending elements of the French and Spanish styles to create this unusual shape. This chasuble would be particularly suitable for customers with a larger body-type as it is made with a broader chest.

Please note that this sample is a 'one-off' piece.

Additional matching vestments (burse & veil, maniples etc.) can be made, please get in contact for a quote.

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