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Full Gothic Chasuble in Cream 'Gothic' with Red 'St Nicolas' Orphreys

Full Gothic Chasuble in Cream 'Gothic' with Red 'St Nicolas' Orphreys

This Full Gothic Chasuble is made with our Cream 'Gothic' silk damask, with contrasting Y-shaped orphreys of Red 'St Nicolas', edged in Coronation Red 'Diamond & Lay' 1/2" braid. The chasuble is lined in a red cotton sateen, and the hem is edged in Coronation Red small cord. At the front of the chasuble is a hand-embroidered 'Mystic Rose', entirely in fine gold work; at the rear, we have similarly embroidered a St Albans Cross.

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Ordering Process

Ordering a bespoke vestment can be quite a daunting task, but we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Please follow the steps below as to guide towards ordering a bespoke vestment.

Step 1. Choose your vestment style

The first step in creating your bespoke chasuble is to choose the style or cut of your vestment. We can accommodate any preference, whether Full Gothic, semi-Gothic, Pugin, Roman, French, Spanish, Borromean, Neri, to name a few. Our most popular cuts are the Full Gothic, the semi-Gothic and the Pugin. We are also seeing a growing interest in the Roman and French cuts. Whether you already have a clear vision of your ideal vestment, or are unsure where to start with the design choices, we are here to help. Contact us to start the conversation.

  • Semi-Gothic Style

  • Pugin Style

  • Full Gothic Style

  • Roman Style

  • French Style

  • Spanish Style

Step 2. Choose your fabric and braid combinations

The next step is to choose your fabrics and braids. We are pleased to offer over 200 exclusive fabrics, as well as a wide range of braids. Our experienced design team is on hand to guide you through the possible combinations, and to help with decision making if needed. Below is an example of the elements you can choose.

  • In this example, we used our exclusive 'Fleur de Lys' brocade in white as the main fabric and paired the orphrey with the same fabric but in a contrasting blue.  

  • To match the two fabrics, we used our exclusive Royal Blue Diamond & Lay braid to border the orphrey.

  • The complete vestment is finished with our blue gilt cord around the neckline to unify the vestment.

Step 3: Enquire

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