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Minster Cope in Green 'Bellini' with Green 'Memlinc' Orphreys

Minster Cope in Green 'Bellini' with Green 'Memlinc' Orphreys

As illustrated made from Watts green Bellini Silk Damask, the hood from Watts green Memlinc 

Like all our made-to-order Copes, this model is hand-made in our workrooms in Westminster, London by our team of expert seamstresses. All Watts & Co. Copes are made from three full lengths of fabric (to give a complete half circle) and they are all carefully shaped and fitted around the neck and shoulders. Our Copes are all fully lined with cotton sateen.

The standard length of our Copes is 60"(150cm). This can be varied if necessary (usually at no additional charge). Please supply the full height (crown of head to the floor) and chest measurement of the wearer with your order if you would like us to make the Cope to your required size rather than to the standard size.
This item is made-to-order, so please allow 6 to 8 weeks

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Ordering Bespoke Vestments

Ordering a bespoke cope involves several design decisions, but we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Please follow the steps below as a guide.

Step 1. Choose your cope style

The first step in creating your bespoke cope is to choose the style you would like. Factors in the design choice are the shape of the hood and where the hood hangs in relation to the orphreys.

Another option to consider is whether or not you would like elements of the cope to be embroidered. Embroidery can be done solely on the hood, or on the orphreys and morse also.

Whether you already have a clear vision of the cope you would like, or are unsure where to start with the design choices, we are here to help. Contact us to start the conversation.

Step 2. Choose your fabric & braid combinations

After determining the style of the cope and embroidered features, the next step is to choose your fabrics, trimmings, and lining. We are pleased to offer over 200 exclusive fabrics, as well as a wide range of braids, fringes, tassels and linings. Our experienced design team is on hand to guide you through the possible combinations, and to help with decision making if needed. Below is an example of the elements you can choose.

  • In this example the cream silk is enriched with an orphrey and morse in our Sarum Red & Gold Holbein Silk Damask, which are edged with Sarum Red ½” Diamond & Lay braid.

  • The cope hood is trimmed with Sarum Red 2” Diamond & Lay fringe, and features a braid ‘shield’ of Sarum Red ½” Diamond & Lay braid.

  • This is a Westminster style cope in our Cream Gothic Silk Damask, with orphreys, morse, and hood made in our Sarum Red & Gold Holbein Silk Damask. The Westminster style features orphreys that sit round the neck and over the shoulders, and from which hangs the hood. This example is lined in Sarum Red cotton sateen.

Step 3. Enquire to receive a quote

Once you have completed the steps above (or even if you haven't), please use the contact form below to in touch and start the process of obtaining a new bespoke cope.

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