Watts & Co. is proud to create quality choir cassocks, gowns, and capes in a distinctive range of colours and cloths: from the best pure wools and unique tartans to hard wearing polyester. Hundreds of colours are available, and we can match fabrics according to your needs. Recent orders have included individual cassocks for private clients, as well as much larger orders for churches and cathedrals across the world. Along with your chosen garment we can supply surplices and cottas, as well as choir accessories such as ruffs, collars, and cravats. A 7.5% discount is available on all choir wear for members of the Royal School of Church Music.


We understand that for any choir wear order, whether you are ordering an individual gown or cassocks for a whole choir, it is important to get everything right. Below are some guides outlining the process of taking measurements, the fabrics and colours which we offer, and how the ordering process works. These are intended to provide you with a helpful starting point, but are by no means exhaustive. For further information, or if you have any particular questions, please contact our outfitting department, who will be happy to help.

Size Guides

Choir Robe Fabrics

Ordering Choir Wear